This society is devoted to people who achieved high score on three kinds of IQ tests: spatial, numerical and verbal.

IQ 140 (sd=15) on each part and IQ 150 in average is needed.

I'll discuss only with authors about possibility of accepting their tests.

Currently accepted tests:

LSHR, LSHR Light, LSHR Classic, Numerus, Numerus Light, Numerus Classic, Triplex, Triplex Light, Einplex, HI-Qlass, FREE Fall, Elementary, Simtollect


  1. Michael Baker, Jr. (USA)
  2. Jeff Christopher Leonard (USA)
  3. Gert Johannes Scholtz (RSA)
  4. Kenneth E. Ferrell (USA)
  5. Baku Saito (Japan)
  6. Nikolaos Ulysses Soulios (Greece)
  7. Marc-André Nydegger (Switzerland)
  8. José González Molinero (Spain)
  9. Jorge del Fresno Viejo (Spain)
10. James Gordon (USA)
11. Yuki Yamanaka (Japan)
12. Ernie T. Marasigan, PEng PE (Canada)
13. Konstantinos Ntalachanis (Greece)
14. Nicolò Pezzuti (Italy)
15. Gianluigi Lombardi (Italy)
16. Ivan Rasic (Croatia)
17. Gernot Feichter (Austria)
18. Tim Roberts (Australia)
19. Primož Žagar (Slovenia)
20. Xingtu Liu (China)








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